Michael Reiter :: Ph.D. Students

Future students

If you are interested in joining my research group at Duke as a Ph.D. student, a formal application to the Department of Computer Science or Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a necessary first step. Please see the graduate application instructions for more information. You are welcome to send me email to introduce yourself, but do not be discouraged if I do not respond; I might just be putting off applications until the usual internal decision-making schedule. I will do my best to look at all applications that indicate me as a potential advisor. Evidence of research aptitude (projects, publications, or even just well-formed thoughts about your research interests) will strengthen your application substantially.

Present students

I currently advise the following Ph.D. students:

Past students

The following students have completed a Ph.D. under my supervision.

I have also worked closely with several other students on their Ph.D. thesis research (but not as their official advisors).